Photography, Design, Adventure

Exposed in San Francisco
Developed in Berlin
Printed in LA

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Featured Section: Hut Hiking Norway's Dovrefjell National Park


Hello, I’m Skyler Greene, an explorer at heart. Born and raised in San Francisco where I learned composition under the direction of, and in the wild with, Chuck Ford. I continued my journey as an apprentice with Vincent Barker at the Aqua Carre creative studios in Berlin, Germany, learning the nuances of studio lighting and traditional analog techniques. I now live and work in LA exploring new boundaries of photography and design.

Travel is an element of my life which curates my aesthetic. Forever intertwining life on the road with visual imagery – I seek to create new expressions of magic: the celestial bodies involved, creatures I encounter and the scenes surrounding this symbiotic relationship I have between traveler and creator.

Wherever I travel, whomever I meet, I am a student and I am a teacher.

Creative Director, Candy Mountain Collective
1/2 of SkyFish

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Los Angeles, California
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